Baja Designs rectifier overloaded/battery exploded

Anyone ever had their Baja Designs kit die? In the middle of riding, all my electrical died. Got home and looked under the seat, battery exploded and wires melted.

After talking to Baja Designs, they said it was a bad rectifier and they would replace it and the wiring...warranty.

So just an FYI don't go out and buy the parts, just send it back to Baja Designs.

Apparently, the rectifier is overloaded, causing the battery to over-charge and explode when riding with headlite off. I actually run a 60/55 watt bulb with my Baja Designs kit, always on with no problems...

I always had problems with the Baja Designs (BD) battery. When it finally died, I went to the Batteries Plus store and got a 1.2 ah sealed lead-acid battery. You can also buy the batteries online somewhere. It's only a little larger than the BD one so it fits in the same place with a minor bit of modifications, it's much less expensive ($17), and it has given me a year and a half of trouble-free service. I can also hook up a Battery Tender to it to keep it charged if the bike sits for a while between rides.

Reasoning out the situation with how the components work, I would agree with the overload/light-off explanation. As a matter of fact, I melted a battery with mine once and also occasionally smelled something getting real hot, although I never found any evidense of overheating in any of the wiring. Odds were I had the headlight off on those occasions.

Dominator: Did you have your stator rewound to handle the higher output bulb? I was just wondering how well the stock windings would handle it.

My B.D. kit is 3 years old with never a single problem. It still uses the original battery, too, and this is a bike that sits in a freezing cold trailer through the long Iowa winters. What more can I say?

I appreciate the warning about overloading the rectifier if you run with the headlight off. Good post.


I am running all stock and original stator and wiring...In stock form, the WR already powers a 60/55 watt head bulb and a tail bulb. My battery has enough charge to feed the lights for about a minute or 2 after engine is off, and the head light is at full brightness from about 2500 RPM's (just above idle)... It's good to hear yours is still good after 3 yrs!

I got a new stator from an '00 model for my bike. It puts out 120 watts vs 80 from the original. It seemed just as cheap to get a new one than to rewind the original. And I am not sure if anyone rewinds WR stators anyway. I spoke with someone for Baja Designs last year about getting mine rewound and I was told they don't do that anymore because their rewinds didn't work. I still run the 35 watt headlight because I also power my GPS off the bike's battery.

Rich, Did you change the regulator when you upgraded the stator? Apparently Yamaha beefed up the regulator in '00 to handle the extra juice of the 130 Watt stator. Just curious,


I agree with Freshy, the Rectifier should not be overloaded by low power consumption, if anything it whould be overlaoded by high drain, the Regulator on the other hand has the job of dropping the extra voltage genarated when the system is not using the power. Voltage is a factor of Wattage and if your stator is putting out more watts than stock then the regulator is probably not up to the task of sinking that much current.

Dose anyone know if the WRs is a permanant magnet genarator? I imagine it is, if so the Rectifiers in those see quite large voltage at higher RPM but still its the Regulator that has to drop the voltage.

Hey how many watts is the stock 99 WR headlight and has anyone found a decent fair priced replacemnet for it?

I've got a Baja Designs regulator/rectifier. I think BD sells the same one for all WR model years.

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