Anyone have a TTR-125 for sale?

Greetings Thumpers!

Just wondering if anyone has a used TTR-125 for sale? Wanting to start my twins (11yrs old) out on a bike this summer and thought this would be a decent choice to learn on (clutch, gears, etc.).

Thanks in advance!

Mark (Highland, Illinois)

Just saw one on ebay. 2002 ttr125l 2300 + shipping. Check it. :)

Johnson Sales, Arlington Wi, had them for sale brand new with $ for accessories, for $2395, new.



[ May 13, 2002: Message edited by: mike dean ]

My contractor has at least one and maybe two for sale. I'm not sure what he is asking, but if you email me I'll put you in touch. :)

Glen T (

I have a brand new ttr 125. Bought for the wife. She is not into the riding thing. In fact, we are getting a divorce. $2,000 and you pay the shipping.


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