WR Mouse Pointer

I found this on the web the other day. If you click on the link below and down load the file you can have a cool little WR for your mouse pointer. After the file is loaded just go to sports and leisure, click on motorcycles, and pick the dirt bike.


Do not download this item. It is invasive foist-ware, and you will regret downloading it.



Pretty cool-I'm sure they'll love that when someone at work inherits my computer...

I hearby nominate Thumpleupagus as best TTalk handle.

But shouldn't it be Thumpleuffagus??

If your real name is Gus I think you win by default.

I have the WR pointer on my computer at work, it was easy to install, but I can't remember where I got mine. What I really need is a YZ mouse pointer, the tail light gives it away. It is pretty small but if you look real close you can plainly see the 18" rear wheel and boat anchor exhaust. :)

It is cool. Wife is less than thrilled though. Just another way the Mighty Beast can invade her life.

Sweet. Thanks.

Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but it's actually a blue, Suzuki DR-Z400S. Move your cursor next to this photo and compare. I WISH it was a WR though!


Oh great, thanks a lot ddialogue!!!

Now I have a Suzuki floating around on my screen, how embarassing...

Hick, thanks for the vote of approval on my TT name... :)

I was about to say that the cursor is cool... After looking at it, it does look like a DRZ400... I had to remove the whole programme! Should have known earlier... but oh well. s**t happens right. :)

Just didn't want the guys on the Zook side secretly laughing at us...

I like it, and would keep it anyways but I think Im gonna have to get rid of it due to the fact it added another address bar to my browser. (Comet Cursor)

I dont have that much monitor room as is and I cant find a way to get rid of it without it popping back up each new browser session.

Anyone know how?


Since you helped me with my rear brake a while ago (YZeezee), I'll try to help out with your toolbar...

I fyou still have it on there, go over to the right of the toolbar (in the grey area), right click, then click on the "comet toolbar" to deselect it-that should remove it...

Give it a try.

Sure, it's not like helping with the rear master cylinder, but it's a start...


Thanks for the reply.

I figured out how to do it that way but I want to make it dissapear for good. If I do it like you described above it keeps re-appearing everytime I open a new window.

I was wondering if there is some way to go into "options" and get rid of it for good.

I guess taking it off the computer might be the only way eh? :)

BTW: I dont think I was the one that helped you with your resvior. But I'll take the credit! :D :D

I guess you're right, it does reappear with each window-there's always a catch. And actually I'm pretty sure you were the one that helped me out-I was under the screen name YZeezee though-I like this handle better...

That reappearing toolbar is just like a Suzuki: Once you have it you can't get rid of it!


:):D :D

OK! For those of you that like to have the Zook for your cursor, you can manually remove it from the registry on your windows PC. Using regedit.exe, I searched the registry for the string COMET TOOLBAR and removed the corresponding entries that I found. Works like a champ on Windows 2000. I'm keeping the Zook cursor in honor of my twin brother who rides a DR-Z400e...atleast that's what he was riding the last time I saw him. I'm still waiting for the dust to clear and for him to catch up to me. :)

Ok guys! I figured out how to get rid of it!!! (in case anyone is intrested)

Just go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs, then find Comet Cursor. (just as if you were removeing the program from your computer) Click the add/remove button and a window will pop up that will ask you what things (annoyances) you want to remove.

You can still keep the cursor without the annoying things.

Also, Thumple, I do remember helping you with that now. I didnt know you changed you name. Did you figure out what was binding? I cant remember if you told me you got it fixed or not.


Comet Cursor is Foist-ware... do not down load this, it is software that once it is on your system, does other stuff... and the thing is, you freely downloaded it, so you have no retribution... I reapeat, do not download this item, or anything else from CometCursor...


Oh great dude...now you tell us! :)

Oh well, it's a work computer...

Darin, yeah the master cylinder was bad, got that replaced and all is well. It's been working great since then. Thanks for all the help...

:):D So what other stuff does it do? You can always uninstall it, so hopefully no harm done. I was fun while it lasted. :D

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