WR Mouse Pointer


Like what kinda other stuff???

I havent noticed anything weird yet but I think I will ix-nay it until I hear otherwise.

I went to a website once (just once) and all my programs were impregnated with their ads. I had to wipe the hard drive and start over. I hope this isn't the case again.

Thanks for the heads up yamaha.dude. I just wish you would have seen this post sooner. :)

Yamaha.dude is correct. I ran Ad-Aware on my system after installing it and sure enough...it found all the additional spy/adware on the system. Uninstalled all of it and called it good.

As I mentioned I can't remember where I got mine, but it wasn't foist-ware.

I'm going to have to find a way to drop that term at the next cocktail part I attend. Foist-ware. Yeah.

Anyway what I got was just the dirtbike.cur file only. No executable.

But alas, it is a DRZ, and must be expunged as such. Goodbye Mr. Dirtbike cursor, hello same ol' mouse arrow... :)

Where do I go to run this Ad-Aware so I can clense my system?

I want to get this spyware off mine too.

You WR guys are always getting in trouble.

Geez it took a YZ to get Keith King back out of the woods in tow

and now it is going to take another YZ to get the DRZ off the WR PC's :)

Here are two of the best adware eaters around I use SpyBot Search and destroy, it is a far better but not so easy to use.


You can ge Ad-Ware from Lavasoft at


Thanks EGO-dude.

Well to paraphrase: "S" happens; ie; DRZ400 "S" :)

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