De-restricted Aussie bike


Interestingly, my bike ('08 WR450F) came from Yamaha with no mixture screw covering plug and a YZ450F throttle stop screw (ie. full throttle right away.)

The dealer told me all they did was remove the 20mm diameter tailpipe restrictor and the airbox snorkel.

I wonder if other Aussies have found the same thing?


Yep and jetting changes.

Yep and jetting changes.

mmm, I wonder if that's why my spares kit didn't come with the spare needle?

Maybe it was already fitted to the bike. :thumbsup:


Hello Greg I picked up my of 08 WR450fx on Friday.

The dealer told me they removed the throttle stop, rejetted, removed the snorkle and exaust baffle.

My spares kit came with spare jets as well as a jet removal tool. My spares kit came with replacement start and stop switches but I was expecting there to be a replacement headlight switch?

Do the Australian bikes have the AIS system?

Aaah yes, .... the website that rejected my application for registration (rejected my email address for some reason) then won't reply to my request to find out how the problem can be fixed!



I`ve found dbw very accommodating, seem`s strange that they rejected you.

Do you hate Chad Reed??:thumbsup:

seem`s strange that they rejected you

I'm registered in a LOT of different forums, never had a rejection/suspension/ban of any sort before.

In fact I run my own discussion forum for vintage Yamaha roadracers (have for at least 5 years now).

I suspect they have a blanket ban on email addresses for some reason. That's the address I use for all my forum registrations and general emails.

Blanket ban? Fair enough, but at least answer my email enquiry about it !!

(Sorry guys, this has gone way off topic!)


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