Gas tank decals

Has anyone figured out a way to keep your new decals from yellowing on the older style gas tanks. I have a 98 yz400 with new decals(3 months old) and the white is already turning yellow and bubbling from the vapors.:thumbsup: Is there any way to seal the tank when I start to replace the decals again.

What is an older style gas tank? They're the same plasic right? What kind of decals did you buy.? My Factory Effex have not changed a bit or bubbled at all. Except a couple corners are starting to peel from my pants rubbing on them a bit and a couple wipe outs here and there have scratched the surface.

Maybe you have poured gas on them when refilling.

The older style gas tanks are those that the decals sit directly on, as opposed to the CRF and '06+ YZF on which the shrouds cover the entire tank.

The only way to extend the color life of the old style tank graphics is to drain the tank of fuel between rides.

I didnt know if there was something you could dip the tank in to seal it

Trace around the white sections then transfer to stiff card. You now have templates that you can use on new white background sheets that can be applied on top of your old (yellow) ones. Try to put pin pricks in them so they don't bubble up. They will yellow eventually but then just cut new ones.


they are the fx evo4 kit. they have holes all in the gas tank part. But they still bubbled like crazy. And the white turn after about 3 months. Does my gas tank just need replacing for this not to happen as quickly or is there some kind of plastic sealer that could be applied to it. I know it would eventually happen. I just didnt think it would so quicky

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