My 2007 W.R.450 runs perfect. Except when I come to a stop, the motor quits. Not everytime but mostly when I decelerate quickly. Any tips on the problem would be appreciated.

I'm having the same problem also but mine is only after it warms up:banghead:

One is in Texas and the other in BC.

What's the temp in Texas and what's the altitude in BC? I'm guessing it's hot in Texas (density altitude) and your up a few meters above sea-level in BC... Yes? Maybe you guys are running pretty lean...

Just a guess!

I'd say make sure your clutch isn't draging and check your idle speed. It may be to low.

Thanks for the replies. I've decided to take it in to the dealer. Its a safety isue on the street. I'll post the fix later.

The temps in Texas right now are in the 80's. As for being lean i rejetted it with a JD jetting kit per their instruction's so i dont think it is lean the header does not glow red anymore like it did when it was new.:thumbsup:

My guess is the idle screw.

Got my bike from the shop today and tuned out all it needed was a faster idle.

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