Anyone have some kids gear they want to part with?

Ben. Try Yamakaze, part of his life is dedicated to disadvanteged (sp?) youngsters. He gets them into riding to help build self esteem and all that that goes with the package of somebody who cares about the youngsters... For awhile everybody was sending and trading kids gear.. Yep, you guesed it... He's more than just a pretty face....... SoCal

What size pants and jersey? I am fortunate to have one boy just growing into what the other has outgrown, but we do have some extra stuff...

I tend to find kids at the track who need things and get rid of the unused stuff quickly. You will find many such people with outgrown items there ( thankfully! ). I understand the budget constraints and have always appreciated the items others have given us.

Had an x-small adult helmet, but the neighbor kid kept showing up to ride w/o one so I gave it to him with the understanding that he never ride without one (on my property for sure)... hope it works. His dad is a wealthy developer and spares no expense on toys, but I never see him enforcing protection or even riding with his kids... My boys would no sooner consider riding with no helmet than with no front wheel...


my new e-mail is we always have extra kids gear i will look around for you. good to see some of you guys out there. how is bob?

Well, I'm having a hard time figuring out what size she needs. If I take her to the local dealers she'll figure out what she is getting for X-mas. But, she is average 1st grader size. Maybe bigger feet than most, but other than that I'd say average size.

I'll try to get back with more specifics.


I would guess a pants size 22 for an average sized kid. My son, who just turned 8 and is pretty average in size, got size 24 pants last Christmas (so he had just turned 7), and they were really big. It's wasn't a problem as long as he was riding, but they'd fall down a little when not riding. Now they seem to fit good, and he's grown quite a bit in the last year, particularly in height.

I remember last year trying to figure out what was tough. Good luck!


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