Tools for 08 yz450f

New old rider been out of the scene for about 8 yrs. Just purchased 08' yz450f on Friday haven't rode it yet, tomorrow. I want to take advantage of no sales tax and purchase some tools to work on my bike when needed maintenance, upgrades etc. I was told that all even sockets for the bike. What do I need, Allen wrenches, 1/2 drive, 1/4 drive open end wrenches crescent wrench etc. Bought the bike put it in the garage.

Thanks for any help.

Sockets, T-handles, and combination wrenches in 7,8,10,12,14,17,19,22, and 27, plus a 32mm socket for the crown nut. Allens from 3-6mm. Tire irons and a spoke wrench. It's a start.

Motion Pro feeler gages for checking the valves, maybe a flywheel puller and clutch holding tool if you have bank burning a hole in your pocket and the shop has 'em in stock, sal driver and "bullet" protector for rebuilding forks? There's really a bunch of specialty tools for doing major cold spend a fortune...

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