Latest "Dirt Rider Mag" East Coast GNCC Story


I was begining to wonder if they were ever going to feature something on this years GNCC Series...Man I'll bet Rodney Smith wishes he could take some of the things back he said concerning Jason Raines, Since Jason is Kicking Rodney's A$$ all up and down the east coast and is firmly in 1st place after 6 rounds with 151 points to Smith's 108.....The Big Blue underdog is roosting the competition thus far.

Notice Rodney also say's that Destry Abbott and Ty Davis will be Key factors this year...hmmmmmm lets see, Destry finished 10th the first round and "DNF'd" the second round and hasn't been seen since, and Ty Davis finished 25th in Round 1 and 8th in round two and also has pulled a Casper since then....Mabe the Eastern Woods are a little too tough for these Superhero's.

If you get a chance to read the Jason Raines story at you should. The way this kid has battled to get where he is now is inspiring....Truely a class act, as is another fellow Thumper Randy Hawkins who has taken him into his home and trained him. I met Randy at the Macon Ga GNCC , extreamely cool individual.

This series has been the most fun I have ever had in all my years of riding. If you live in Northern KY, Ohio, or PA you just gotta try out one of these things before the season is over, one race and you will be hooked....

Ok...I'll get off my soap box and slide back into the easy chair....

Bonzai :)

He's (yamakaze) only smiling 'till you get in his way!!


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I saw the article and read it with great interest. I think the east coast guys have a similar problem when they come out west and ride the desert. It is one thing to be fast in the single track stuff but totally different to be willing to ride WFO across the dez. Destry and Ty spend most of their time in the desert I think. But, I seem to recall Paul Edmonds complained when he raced in Hollister that it was faster than he is used to going.(He had fun though). Hollister has a lot of single track but also a lot of hills and some very fast sections. We are lucky here in NoCal because we have a good variety to both kinds of riding. But, from the pictures I've seen from the east it sure looks like fun. I really enjoy that kind of riding. I hope someday to be able to get back there and experience some of the places I've read about in magazines. :)


Racer X has great coverage of the GNCC's :) They also have a great mag.........period! Also the video "Time to Ride" from Motohed has some great GNCC footage. Randy Hawkins is in T to R and you have to see the vid, just to see that little guy whip a 426 through the trees :D a very humbling experience...... and to hear us whine about riding the big beast "in the technical stuff" :D:D:D:D

Bill :D

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