Crank Bearing Replacement

I finally have a new set of cases for my '04 450 and now I need to install bearings. I intend to use a method that has worked well for other bikes:

- heat the cases in the oven and cool the bearings in the freezer.

- press the bearings in by hand. If any assistance is required for the bearings, tap the outer races, using a socket and hammer.

I don't have a socket as big as the crank bearings on this 450.

What works well to install the crank bearings?

Thank you.

You will probably find the crank bearings literally fall in. Be quick as soon as the cases touch the bearings, temps equalize quickly and they are set. You could use your old crank bearings to tap on (freeze them too).

What he said. Limit the heat to 250 degrees F, and heat the case for 15 minutes. Handle it with gloves very carefully. If the bearing "grabs" the case before it seats, "walk" it in with a brass or steel punch or rod with about a 1/2" diameter.

Thanks guys. Didn't think to use the old bearings.:rolleyes:

I am replacing them all, so I'll give that a try if needed.:thumbsup:

While on the subject of using old bearings to tap or press new bearings in, a method I use is to punch or break out the centre of the old bearing,and be just left with the outside shell. I use the disc grinder with a cutting disc on,to make one cut acoss the shell. I then use this bearing shell, which fits perfectly so no damage is done to the new bearing,and it has the advantage,that if the bearing is recessed, the shell can easily be pulled out after pushing the bearing right in. I then keep a collection of the shells for the common sizes, such as the swingarm bearings etc.

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