Cam Chain Guide Replacement

Has anyone had to replace the cam chain guide/slider/tensioner, whatever you want to call it.

I believe mine are getting chewed up because the oil filter was caked with black plastic material. I've heard that there is 3 of them on the bike, is that true?

Let me know please.

Hmm, technically I guess that is true, if you count the one affixed to the underside of the head cover as the third one.

I think you may have to take the entire valve train, including head, off to get the other two out.

I couldn't really find any noticeable wear on either of my two bikes, I would think you must have something else wrong to allow the cam chain to chew up that hard rubber.

I had to replace the 2 cam chain guides when the cam chain got too stretched out and chewed them up. Hick is correct, the third one is glued to the underside of the valve cover- it is probably still ok. You do have to take the head off to do it. Might as well get a new cam chain while you're at it, along with a new head and base gasket. The only way I could figure the guides would be wearing like that is if the chain is getting stretched out.

If you wait too long to fix this, it could cause additional damage to the crankshaft or valve train when the cam chain slips and goofs up the valve timing.

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