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Red is tough - I got it running!!

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I know this ain't the red side of the board

but I had to razz you guys a little :)

This weekend i got my 1992 cr250 running

after sitting still for 6 years!!!

And It's been out in the weather for the

last 2 years as well. Honestly back in January

I was going to send it to the dump. Cause I was

gonna get me a new bike this spring.

Anybody criging yet :D

I pulled the carb off tore it completely down

cleaned all the parts. Cleaned out gas tank.

gave her fresh mix gas. Oil chain tire press etc...

The 5th kick fellas !!! she fired up like 6 years

ago was yesterday. Now the kicker I was out there

pulling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear wheelies!!! :D

The only thing that didn't work was the back

brakes. :D

Now I don't know what I'm gonna do with this thing

I never expected it to ever run again most less

be this strong :D

BTW - I double posted on the red side of the board. I know it ain't no thumper so don't start! :D

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I wish I had my old CR 250 - it was the last of the twin rear shocks model, with the red painted air-cooled cylinder and head... that bike had a killer powerband, it was responsible for the first of 9 dislocated shoulders...

I would love to be racing vintage MX on that thing... it was a great bike... 79 or 80 model or something of that era...

Nice to hear that you have a spare bike for your buddies when they want to come around and ride...


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I was smokin' 96 CR's w/ my 91. I KNOW I would still smoke 2002 CR's!!

These early 90 CR's were famous for their engine performance.

If I could find a decent 94/93 CR250...???

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yamaha.dude -

I've heard of that "vintage mx" but know nothing

about it. How old does the bike have to be. I've been thinking about it the last couple days and may just make this a project bike. Might learn something while re-doing it all, and if I screw it up it's not like screwing up the new Yammer 426 :)

NH Kevin -

I agree - My 426 ain't got noting on it power wise

and if I hadn't done a few mods to the 426 the old red bird could have easily kicked it's but!! Sad but true :D

HAHAHA - I gotta tell you though it's like sitting

on a chainsaw. My significant other, she'd love riding that thing! :D

On second thought I better not let her do that or I'll never get a chance at her :D:D

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vintage around here is 1990 and earlier. i had an 87 CR250 when i was 11 till i was 14, MXA calls it one of the best bikes ever built, i never rode another bike around its era so i wouldnt be able to compare but it was a pretty cool bike. took awhile to start though. i gotta 92 YZ250 after the CR and that thing RIPPED! it was as fast as my friends 97! it only had boyesen carbon reeds and an FMF pipe, whew! you guys must just like change because i love my 426, best bike ive ridden so far, my friends yz125 corners better though :)

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