Hey guys new to this place but was wondering if i could get some help??? I got a yz426 2000 believe it or not and today was riding for ages then coming bak gav it some stick. i baked of and as i did the engine lik locked up but then fired keep going for a while but each time i baked of did the same thing did this three times then came to a stop at camp (stalled when i stopped). from their i couldnt get it started it fired but thats it. was pretty hot to. for their i left it and then bout 1 later tryed to start could kick it but ova then it seem to hav seized up hey??? cant turn it ova at al!!! i droped the oil last week but filled it to 3/4 cold engine (check it when it stalled and it was quiet ova filled)wondering if that would hav anything to do with it??? and also my mechanic retapped my spark plug thread (damaged it a little:bonk: )last week to he rekons he didnt hav any metal fileings in it but wondering if that could cause my motor to sieze???

Any feed bak would be sweet and any suggestions on wat to do????

Welcome to TT.

It sounds like the big end bearing on the rod gave up. On high hour machines, its becoming somewhat common around here. Get ready for an expensive repair bill....

wel sorry but i hope ya wrong!!!haha nar thanks i'll start pulling apart and c how it goes. pretty annoyed seeing just got it 2 months ago. thanks anyway im proably be asking some more questions later:thumbsup:

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