Trany Oil Change on 07 WR 450?

This may seem like a really stupid question, but I cannot find any information in my owners manual on transmission Oil change. I did a few searches on the this site but could not find anything. Am I missing something or can anyone point me to information on the procedure?

Look in the manual in the section that shows you how to change the engine oil. Your tranny also shares this oil unlike the Honda CRF's. Follow the insructions and your motor and tranny will both have fresh oil. This is one of the reasons it is important to change the oil regularly, because the oil is shared by the tranny, clutch contaminates can dirty up the oil. Oh and make sure to change the filter too:thumbsup: .

Hey, Thanks for the reply........ I feel alot better now. I have been trying to change the oil every two rides or about 6 hours. Thanks again.

Pick up a stainless steel mesh oil filter too, works alot better than the stockers and saves the 5 bucks for a new filter on oil changes.

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