Thurston County ORV, WA. to be closed for good...

I think I'm gonna freakin EXPLODE!

Local government is cutting the funding!

Please people, get involved in your respective areas if you dont want loose everything, cause that's where we're headed!

If there is anyone out there in the Seattle area that wants to get more involved, let me know.


Hey, I live up on whidbey Island, and have ridden at thurston quite a few times. We just went down there about two months ago. I can't believe what your telling me. Where did you hear this from? We have to do something. A bunch of my friends also ride there. Let us know!

This is the first I've heard of this. When did the announcement come out? I know the ORV park is closed for the Fall and Winter months. This is bad news if it is closed for good. You are talking about the ORV park and not Capitol State Forest? Time to write some letters.

How do we get involved? Have ridden there many times, but not for 5-6 years. :)

Guys, I work at RMC down in Renton.

A few of us where planning on going down to Olympia on Monday the 25th to protest the closure.

One of the guys from work called and was able to talk to the county commissioner. He was told there was no use in protesting because the decision had already been made.

I plan on staying on top of all of the land closure debates from now on. I've been uninvolved for too long...

On another front Senator Dunn is trying to close Reiter. Although I think a Isaw something in the paper about that measure being defeated. I'll let you all know.

Here is the Coalition Heading up the Reiter Closure;

Here is Jennifer Dunns Washington State office phone number (206) 275-3438 and her Washington D.C. phone number (202) 225-7761. Give her a call and tell her how you feel. Keep in mind threats and yelling are only going to make things worse...


I don't live near there but I want to keep access to Gifford Pinchot open so count me in. Where do I sign up? Among the lies these people spread are that non-motorized users only get 1/5 of the gas tax money held out for trails-THAT'S BECAUSE NON-MOTORIZED USERS DON'T BURN GAS THAT HAS BEEN TAXED TO PAY FOR ROADS!

Look at the bright side: You should no longer have to pay registration/off-road fees...

BTW, If every off-road rider kept all of his/her fuel receipts and demanded a road-use tax refund from the State, as they SHOULD, it might get some attention...What the hell, at least make them do more paperwork! :)

Heres is my current plan.

I want to familiarize myself with the Reiter situation. It looks like Reiter is the next place to be assaulted. The last thing I want is to argue something I dont know everything about.

Has anyone noticed that the greenies use these form letters, wherein, you simply fill in your name and address. It takes away all of the lazy man factor...Something we all obviously need. It'd be nice to start developing these letters in response to situations like Thurston County.

Anyway, like I said I think the best plan of action for all of you that want to get involved is to learn as much about the Reiter situation as we can, and share the info.

I dont know if the other TTer's will want to follow our situation, so,I guess the easiest way to do that is to start an email group. If, you are interested in getting off our collective FAT ASSES, then go ahead and send me your email address, full name and city you live in.


Been away from this chat room for a while, but this is the first I've heard of this. I live in North Bend, WA and ride at Thurston ORV. This sucks. And Reiter Pit too??? I'll write whoever I need to add my voice and my opinion.

Make sure you don't buy anything at REI whose corporate headquarters are in WA. They support the Sierra Club and other environmental groups who are shutting down our areas.

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