buying a WR in canada?

I live in the northwest, about 80 miles from Vancouver, BC, and would like to know if anyone knows where to get a WR up there in the general vicinity? The four places that I have emailed(yamaha dealers),they tell me that they don't sell enough, or don't know where to get one. I find that hard to believe. Don't you? Hope some one knows. I hear the exchange rate is great. People are telling me that I can save about 1200.00. That would be bitchen. I already have money down on one at my local shop, but who knows. :)

Try Kamloops Yamaha (not sure of there #, but shouldn't be hard to find)

I am not trying to say that you wont be able to get one but I know for a fact Yamaha Canada is getting very few WR450/250s for 03. A lot of the dealers will try to get their own customers set up before they ship to the US. My local dealer has 10 sold orders for WR250s and his Yamaha rep said he will only get 3 WR250s. Apparently, Yamaha HQ is pissed off with the amount of bikes leaving Canada, so they are just going to take allottment away from the Canadian dealers. Also, Yamaha Canada has just warned their dealers that if they get caught shipping bikes to the USA they will be charged 10 % of retail to their parts account as a penalty.

Yamaha Canada has just warned their dealers that if they get caught shipping bikes to the USA they will be charged 10 %

Scotty, This is true! :)

How do we know this is in fact true - where did you hear of it? Mark

This is not 100% true! I work for a Canada Yamaha Dealer and here are the facts. Yamaha HQ is not pissed off due to the fact that Yamahas are going to the USA from Canada. It is the American Dealers! They will bitch and Complain about us selling them to the Americans and then you know what. When they cannot get a bike in the states they are the first to call me a and buy it to sell it to there customers. Canada does get the bikes later than the USA but only about 30 days and all dealers including the USA dealers will get limited numbers of YZs and WRs due to the Supply and demand factor. There is a thing called the North American Free trade aggreement that makes selling bikes to the USA 100% legal. One more thing, 10 years ago when the exchange rate was the other way around it was fine for the USA dealers to flood Canada with ORVs but now that it is the other way around they all are having problems. I have 3 orders for WR450 bikes and 1 is for me. One more advantage of the Canada bikes are that they do not have all the EPA equipment on them that they come with for the California epa. The last thing you all should know is that I am a American.

Funny about that as my buddy got charged back close to $3000 CDN because of bikes that he sold to Americans. The REAL REASON that Yamaha doesnt want Canadian bikes going to the US is that the Canadian bikes are price subsidized by Yamaha for the CDN market. Yamaha Japan makes a lot more money on the bikes that are being sold to Yamaha USA than they are selling bikes through Yamaha Canada. Their reasoning for being pissed off is that if the bikes are going to the US from Canada, there is no point price subsidizing them in the first place. This is the same with all manufacturers including the car makers also. I know this as I am Gen. Manager of a car dealership up here in Canada and we get in major sh-t from GM if we have any brand new vehicles turn up in the USA.

Free trade has absolutely nothing to do with it. Every new vehicle dealer (bike or car) signs a contract in which they agree NOT to sell vehicles to anyone who resides outside Canada. I know of one Yamaha dealer who had all of his 03 R1's taken away from him because of all the bikes that have turned up in the USA in the 02 model year.

Funny about that as my buddy got charged back close to $3000 CDN because of bikes that he sold to Americans.

That being the case, why would any Canadian shop sell me a bike? Especially something VERY HOT (2003 YZ250F) that he would have no problem selling to Canadians, and at a GREAT price? I paid $100.00 Canadian less then sticker with no add on shipping garbage, except of course to get it from the dealer to me. Here at the local dealer they are charging List price plus almost $500.00 shipping + $250.00 setup + tax, doc fee, and registration. So if they are so hard to get, and the Canadian dealer will get busted by Yamaha for it, why would they do it?


My friend lives in New Hampshire and called customs to find out about driving up to Quebec and buying a bike. They said it was no problem and he can even fill out a form to get back any sales tax he paid. After the exchange rate he paid $4300 for a new yz426. Of course he finds out about this and does it right after I spend $6000 on my WR.

Does anyone know about street registration regarding Arizona. My dmv told me if I went Canadian I needed to have a letter from the manufacturer (Yamaha) identifying my bike by serial number that stated the bike met US EPA and federal safety standards. A generic letter was no good and good luck getting it is my last reading on it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark

That’s just it, This Scotty boy does not know what he is talking about. Rules are totally different for Cars than they are for bikes. Bikes are 100% duty free to the States and the free trade agreement has everything to do with it. Without this free trade agreement this would not be possible. I work for a Yamaha Dealer as I said in Canada and there is no agreement saying we will not sell our bikes to the states. You can even go buy a car from Canada and bring it to the states but you will have to pay all taxes on the autos. We have sold I bet this year along 20 KX250 03 bikes and probably 13 YZ450F bikes to the states so far. I am an American who works on the side for this company selling bikes to the states. By doing this I will get my 03 WR450F for FREE!!

Other then price is there a difference in the bike?


Try sending a PM to Tim in WA, he bought his in Canada.

Well lads I don't want to start a nuclear reaction here however what I'm seeing here is perhaps a bit of experience from both sides of the fence happenning, this Scotty guy (don't throw the baby out with the bath water just yet) has an excellent handle on what is going on in the boardrooms of most Canadian distributors and retailer(principle owners office)stores.

The only reason I wanted to reply was to say that I have been in the motorcyle industry for 12 years in Canada as a District Sales Manager providing support for the dealerships I call on and of course encouraging them to sustain healthy stores, be profitable and last but not least adhere to the retailer agreements set in place at time of them becoming a retail outlet. don't kid yourself lads everyone has a contract these days its called protecting your hiny, the motorcycle company i work for holds a large percentage of the market share and one of the bBIGGEST thorns in our side is the fact that we are losing units to the red, white and blue BIG TIME and ya know what that ain;t good for all concerned, so part of our CONTRACT makes provision that the re-sale of any unregesitered bike will be dealt with ($$penalties) and if the problem persists the dealership could potentially lose their right and trademarks/banner to sell the product!

I bought a motorcycle in 1988 it was 1 year used, looked at a new one but liked the used one, that was the year of free trade, or should we say thankyou Mr. Canadian dealer you just lost your mark up on that used vehicle because the new unit/car sitting on your showroom is now the same price, people lost large on that deal!!

What drives bikes/cars going to the US is entrepeneurs who have played this dog and pony show for years, the common denominator which helps these lads is called the EXCHGANGE RATE.

The company i work for has parity pricing equal to the same US units, and I would caution that most other manufactures have the same policies, if they did not there would not be any Yamaha Canada's, or Suzuki Canada's etc.. I think what you will find is that the principles (owners of these dealerships are struggling with very high overheads, and when they have a showroom full of product they will take the chance and move it south of the border, losing a potential customer here in their own country, which only adds to the demise of dealerships, and yes the big manufactures do sometimes turn their heads in a different direction when this happens especially when the pipe lines are full.

So to this Scotty boys point I tend to agree with his spin on the situation only because i work live and deal in this hostile environment daily.

To that end like come on guys lets jsut talk about ridin, gettin muddy, doin wheelies, wrenchin on bikes and sharing fun stories.??? sound good.


KTM 450 EXC 2003

Harley Davidson Road Glide 2003.

KTM 400 EXC-01 sold. :)

I have a friend who is a Gm dealership in Canada, same thing!!

Go ahead and buy your WR in Canada. I too work at a dealership and I can tell you that no one will refuse to sell you a bike up here. In fact when the topic was brought up at a dealer meeting (by a disgruntled U.S. dealer) the official answer from that particular O.E.M. was that no dealer could refuse to sell product to a customer based on country of origin. They did stress that CDN. dealers should not solicit business in the U.S. (even though U.S. dealers actively sought Canadian customers when the exchange rate was in our favour). I have never heard of ANY powersports dealer losing thier franchise for selling to a U.S. customer, and if they did the O.E. was just using it as an excuse to get rid of a crappy dealer. Some dealers may require that you have a Canadian address for warranty registration purposes, but on a unit that does not have warranty (such as MX bikes), this would not be an issue.

As far as the automotive industy goes, don't shed a tear for all those poor,oppressed G.M.,Dodge and Ford dealers. Right now there are plenty of desirable vehicles up here(ie; fully loaded, diesel, 4x4, quad cab trucks) on short-term, inexpensive leases to all the dealer's friends and family. These babied, low mileage trucks will show up as "used" in the U.S. shortly.

Cross-border vehicle shopping happens all the time, but not really in enough volume to cause any sort of grief in the powersports or automotive industry. Hopefully one day we'll have an economically unified continent, devoid of trade borders, with one currency. Until then - go forth and get the best deal you can on a new bike, no matter what side of the border it's on - after all, it is your money.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

- go forth and get the best deal you can on a new bike, no matter what side of the border it's on - after all, it is your money.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Hell different states have different costs of living. I could buy a bike cheaper just from driving over a few states. The Problem is flag waving American dealers are your typical capitolist pigs who will bitch about anything that slightly resembles a lost sale!

Dukeboy, I saved about $1150 when I bought my '00 WR400 a couple years back. The exchange rate might be even better now. I went through Pacific Yamaha in Richmond B.C. It's about 45 minutes north of Blaine. Great folks to deal with, and they are very knowledgable about selling bikes to US customers. Ask for Nick (if he's still there). Their website is:

It is a bag of snakes, being a betting man I would suggest that once the exchange rate goes the other way in favour of Canada, the cross border shopping will do a 180, then watch how the American motor companies react,??.They don't like losin?

I bought my WR426 from Vernon Cycle in Vernon BC. Saved about 1500. You have to sign a form that you do not live in Canada nor will you be registering the bike in Canada before you complete the deal with the dealer. You will pay for the Canadian tax up front at the dealer, but stop at the duty free store coming across the border and pick up a form for getting that reimbursed. You will have to pay state tax when you register it in Washington (around $400 as I recall), but you'd have to pay that with any vehicle you purchase new or outside the state. The exchange rate is what makes it a good deal for us to buy in Canada right now, but the difference in Canadian $$ to US $$ will not last forever. :)

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