buying a WR in canada?

once the exchange rate goes the other way in favour of Canada,

HA! That's a GOOD one! As long as all the sheep in this country continue to elect Liberal governments you've got a better chance of seeing the Beatles get back together than seeing the Canadian peso worth significantly more than the U.S. dollar.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

OK, here is a question. Why cant you Americans, when you are buying a bike in canada, wander into any local Canadian bank branch and trade in all of your money into Canadian funds? Wander into a dealership. Buy a bike for cash. Wander back out with your brand new bike. Claim it at the border and get the GST back and dont bother registering the bike when you get back to where you live?

Is this possible? :)

Do you have to register your bike when you get back to your home state? I dont have to have my bike registered to ride here in BC.

HA! yeah I hear ya brother,it might be a long time comin, maybe we might not see the rate go the other way.

P.S. I saw the Doors this summer so anyhting is possible, different faces of course, i'm outta here you guys have fun!! :)


2003 Road Glide

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