05 yz450f problems starting after hot

I have been having problems starting my 05 450f after she warms up. When cold starts 1st/2nd kick, runs strong, idles well.

The challenge is when hot! Hot start, 1/2 throttle, full throttle, praying, jumping up and down, cursing/swearing - none of which seem to work. The only way I can get to start is if I am on a down hill slope and roll start the bike w/ no issue.

If I am in a wash or flat land, it is a 15 - 30 min wait, and then 1st or 2nd kick, off we go! Any insight or guidance on where to start?

Using the hot start? Try these methods:

> Use the hot start with NO throttle.

> Use the hot start, but hold the throttle at about 1/8 to no more than 1/4 open.

> As above but without the hot start.

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