08 yz450 whining noise

so i was riding at my track today doing motos bike sounded fine

did 2 motos took a break then did 2 more then took another break

when fired bike back up to go do more motos sounded fine but as i started to ride noticed that the motor noises sounded louder makes a whining noise as i ride

bike runs fine has no power loss no grinding or anyhting just loud whining as you rev up

bike is brand new with maybe 15-20 hours on motor

oil and filter changed regualrly

any ideas taking it to my mechanic tommorow

primary drive nut is backing off allowing the gear mesh between the primary drive gear and clutch basket to change.Is there a knock noise at low RPM?

checked it out today took oil filter off no shaving

took clutch apart baket nut is tight

sounds more like dull thud

any suggestions??

The primary drive nut is not the one holding the basket on.Not much goes wrong with these YZ450 engines,but we have seen a couple primary drive nuts come loose since 03.

ohh sorry my bad i didn;t read to closely

i will pull the cover off tommrow and check that thanks

took motor apart today found nothing wrong

found rock between frame and motor case hoping thats what noise was

noise is gone

Can remember mine makeing a whining noise when it was newer too, but only noticed it when riding tight trees, Never knew if it was clutch abuse or just getting hotter than normal or both. 90 hrs later and nothings gone bang!

glad you found something.

thanks for your help

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