E Series quiet core insert

Has anyone tried the e series quiet core insert??? The add promises 5-6 decibel decrease!! I am thinking 10 discs with the insert may bring it close to 100 db.... Any thoughts???

:) My experience with this is that it makes the bike run awful, really messes up the jetting :D

I've got a WB quiet core insert on my Yamaha Warrior with 7 discs. The sound level is 92 dB(A) at 3500 RPM's using the SAE testing procedure with the exception of the sound meter was pointed AT the pipe as opposed to AWAY from the pipe. I would say power is not a whole lot better than stock, but the Warrior is an old air cooled two valve (not much power to begin with). I would certainly agree that there is a 5-6 dB decrease in sound level. I'll be adding some discs back in to get up to 94 dB(A), the legal limit here in MI.

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rwcfrank Check out the post "Sound Test Report" I refreshed to the top. Any questions send an email "ktraum@aol.com"

Ride Safe, Ride Often and Have Fun :)

save your money.quiet core insert sucks.your better off taking out 3 discs.bike will be quieter and faster with 3 less discs.i wasted $35 on quietcore2 insert last month.it barely queits bike down and it ran like the stock muffler plug was still installed.i posted topic on this subject a few week ago if you want to do a search

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