Burning fuses

I wrecked my wr a few weeks ago, and the other day on a ride, the engine died and the ignition button wouldn't light up the speedo. I pulled everything off and found a burned fuse (10 amp). I put the 15 amp off the headlights into the 10 amp fuse spot, and rode the rest of the day, and rode Saturday with no problems. Today I had the fuse burn out again. Anybody have a clue why I'd be going through fuses so quick? I've searched the forum for fuse questions, but nothing like this.

You've got an intermittent short somewhere. Check for pinched wires or worn insulation. Don't forget to pull the tank and check the harness along the frame also.

What do you mean wrecked? damage the bars? that's a common sites for wire pinches and resultant shorts after damage. I wrecked a Harley last year (got rear-ended by another 'hog'). Took 4 months to get it back. A couple of weeks ago it was blowing fuses, no lights worked. I tried additional fuses, replaced a relay, found out the real problem was the insulation had been scraped off a wire when the shop re-wired the turn signals on the new rear fender. The shop told me new bars and signals are common sites for pinched wires after a wreck or re-build. Could your ignition wires have been pinched by the bars, radiator or something else getting knocked around?


Thanks y'all. I pulled off the headlight and I had some exposed wires running from the speedometer to the front wheel. Hopefully the problem is solved.

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