WR450 or KTM450 for Enduro's ?

I ride my XR650L on heavy, single track trail every week and luv it, and will keep it for that use. I am however looking for a second bike to do serious SERA Enduro's. Honda doesn't make a 450cc, 4 stroke, Enduro bike. What is the best 4 stroke bike for Enduros, KTM450 or WR450 ??

Unless you're just seeking an honest view from fellow pig riders, I think that you're asking the wrong crowd...haha, even though you'll get an unbiased answer here, as the blue guys will probably tell you to get the WR, and the orange guys will recommend the EXC.

Honestly though, you will need to post your height, weight, and riding skill to get a educated answer from anyone. I personally haven't read anything solid about either of the two above mentioned bikes, other than "previews". Statistics say the bikes will be very closely matched, enduro lighting, elec start, major power increase over last year's, so on and so forth. About the only thing that my feeble opinion can come up with, is the fact that the WR will probably be at least a $1000 cheaper.

Parts/Customer service in your local area also needs to be considered.

The WR might need to be "uncorked" as the KTM will arrive ready to rip.

I honestly dont' think you could go wrong with either choice, unless there are some inherent flaws in the new bikes. This would be yamaha's first year with electric start, whereas everything on the KTM is already proven.

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