Best tires for Colorado

I am gonna need a new set of tires soon and I was wondering what people are using here in Colorado. I don't do motorcross. All trails. Most are loose and rocky. I have the stock 739's on now. I want ones that will get better traction in the loose stuff but not disintegrate in the rocks. Any ideas would be helpful.


Dan, how did the stock 739's work for you? I am planning a trip this summer to Taylor Park and was considering putting the stock 739's back on for the week I ride Co.

yellow hello

My DRZ came with the 756 and I have 1200 miles on it. Them little wear bars are about gone.

I ride on the street to the bookclifs occasionaly and put most of those miles on the clay tracks up at the bookcliffs.

Now that warmer weather has melted the little bit of snow, I have moved up to the rock country and hit the single track.

I am not that great of a rider and don't have good enough clutch control so at times in the steep technical stuff I have to get off this tall critter and do it the hard way.

Lots of wear on that tire spining in the rocks.

I was thinking about going to a DOT dunlop that has a harder rubber compound???

Thats my comment on the 756.

Stop by the DRZ forum and jump in. We love ranting over there. Especialy about Pipes and noise lately. :)

See ya Greg

This is my first dirt bike and only set of tires. They seem to wear very well, no chunking. Can't determine how well they hook up compared to other tires as I have only ridden on these. I'm sure there is a tire that gets better traction and wears about the same.

They do slide on asphalt and on super hard dirt. It takes me forever to stop.

They work OK in Pueblo. Stand up to the abuse of Captain Jacks' rocks (Can smell em burn but they don't chunk). They were a little squirelly at Rampart Range. Never been to Taylor Park.

Hope this helps.

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I'm having really good results with the IRC Vulcanduro VE40. The trails I'm running are mostly rock, similar to your conditions. They seem to hold up better than any others I have tried. They hook up really well too.

The "hot" setup for Colorado riders for years have been the 752 rear and 755 front. The 756 front is reportedly as good as the 755 but I have no first hand info. I'm going to keep searching for 755's until I can't find them any more.


I agree, the 755 front is great. I also have tried a 756 front, but I thought the 755 was a little better in soft stuff. Really hard to tell, both are real close. I run a 756 rear, it works well everywhere and doesn't chunk.

I think the 739s work well at an MX track thats not watered, but not as well as the 755/756 off road. The 739 front washes out on me real easy in loose turns.

Thanks, I am going to try the 756's.

I just ran my 756s front and back for the first time. 756s are the best off road tire I've ever run.Rocks, Roots,Mud, Slime,fire roads, deep ruts they shined everywhere. very little wear after 30 miles. My buddy said my roostertail of debris was sickening to be in! Best 100 bucks I ever spent!

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