Enclosed trailer dirtbike holders

I saw holding hardware for dirtbikes that would fold down from the ceiling of an enclosed trailer and fasten to the handlebars of your bike. They would fold up when not in use. I saw them for sale at the national dirtbike race in Millville, MN. Has anyone seen or heard of this setup?

Thanks, do you use them?

Dean,I wished I had a enclosed trailer to put one in. :)

I just remembered the ad from a magazine.

Thanks Thumper....I was just getting ready to replace my chocks with 3 ATK's....I e-mail'd them about discounting a multiple order.

We'll see.

Bonzai :)

Glad I could be of some help guys.

YAMAKAZE,I saw the pics of your enclosed trailer on TT....very nice setup!

Rode with a guy with an enclosed trailer. He told a story about a trip he took. He stopped for food, came out and headed home. The normally sluggish truck was driving frisky. Yep- Opened it up and both bikes gone after he saw the cheap lock was snipped. How did they know- There were enough stickers on it for most PHD thieves. A better lock than what I've seen come with those trailers is in order.

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