dont know wuts goin on with my yz450

took my bike out ridin this weekend, towards the end of the ride i shut the bike off and was just loungin for a bit, then when i whent to go start the bike again it was rediculously hard to kick over, and finally when i did get it goin it wasnt sounding like a yzf should sound, at first i thought it was becouse my header was off but it was tight as can be. if anyone knows why this is doin wut it is doin let me know thanx.

Here's another aggravating behavior. I'm riding the YZ 450 up a narrow canyon and do the low speed stall thing. Then the bike will not fire as I about kicked my ass off trying to get it started, including using the hot start. Pushed the bike about a mile back through the narrow canyon, up the trail to get out of the canyon and headed for the Jeep. Of course I stopped periodically and tried to get it to kick over with no luck. About 50 yards from the Jeep there is a slight downhill, so I jump on and coast down and drop the clutch, and it fired right up. Geeze.

Sorry, did not mean to hi-jack your thread.

my 07 450 had a similiar problem. dirty carb was the culprit

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