hydration systems

Does anyone know who makes a camelback type system that attaches to the chest defelector?

I know MSR makes one but it only holds 54oz. I want one that uses a 100oz bladder.

Been away for about a month. I like the new site.


I have a 70 oz camelback that I use. I strap it on and then place the chest protector over it.

I don't think I've seen anything bigger than a 70oz bladder out there...Man a 100oz bladder would be sweet...I go throught so much water during a race I have to pit to change out my Camelback after about 22 miles of Cross Country racing.

Bonzai :)

Sorry, I thought the standard Camelback Bladder was 100oz. Well, I guess the 54oz isn't all that bad.

I already have the MULE pack and it is great for nearly everything. I am using that now but it doesn't fit well over or under the Chest protector. I have to do without one or the other depending on how easy it is to get back to my car for a drink.

I usually run with my Camelbak - Trailblazer. It will hold about 70oz and a carry my waterfilter for any extra water during a ride. I usually find enough streams up in the Divide area to refill if needed. Only thing, it doesn't fit under my chest protector.


I have the Camelback "Mule" model with a 100 ounce bladder....which is very handy in this Florida heat.

I use a 70 oz. camelback also. I heard that the camelback people are one of the biggest financial backers for LAND CLOSINGS. A post went around a couple of years ago suggesting that anyone who rides ATVs, bikes or anything with a motor, would be best served if you purchased a hydration system from anyone other than "Camelback". The owners are really into biking, hiking and tree hugging is what I here. Just food for thought.

I have the 100 oz. Camelback Mule and wear it under my chest protector w/no problems. I have friends who wear them over the CP also. Personal preference I guess.

For great prices on Camebaks check here. I got a Blowfish for $64+ shipping.


emcdan- The support for the Sierra club is pretty much a myth. They are a business and they advertised in their rag so everyone jumped on them. Then a year later they had a rouge employee that spouted off how pro enviroment he was and it didn't represent the views of the company. And we all jumped on the company for that. In the mean time a bunch of riders emailed the company asking what the deal was and wondered where the support was and they got it in the last year or so in the form of magazine ads, sponsorship of races etc...

Their only flaw is they have a product that sells to both sides of the fence. They are trying to stay out of the taking sides.

Here are a few links:




Pretty Good RMD Thread.

I don't work for Camelbak or anything but I just bought my drink system recently and heard the myth about their support for the Sierra Club. I almost sent mine back until I found the links above.

Plus the 02' Blowfish works very nice easily fits over my Roost2 Chest protector. Also the bladder has a hole big enough to put your hand in to clean.

try filling 5gl gastank with gatorade then duct tape it to back of your helmet.i have a hat that holds two 32oz. beers with a long straw that reaches my mouth.it works great.dont forget to clean gastank,i dont want you to get sick.

Is everyone trying to figure out how to get it under the front or rear of the chest protector?

I just ran my camelback straps over the neck area on the back of my chest protector, then down the inside of the back and through some slots and then I sinched it down. The camelback is attached to just the back of my chest protector so I don't have to fight with putting on two pieces of equipment. I think I'll try to find a patch to put over the camelback logo now that I hear they are a bunch of eco-freaks! :)

I just wear my camelbacks over the outside of my chest protector.

Camelback is making a heavier duty setup for the military, all cordura, lasts alot longer than the thin nylon setup.

I get mine from Eagle industries. I have both a big one Hawg and a smaller one mule (could have that backwards). Pay a little more, but they last alot longer.

Wicked Crash, I might have to try your setup.

I put my chest protector on then put the Camelbak on over the top of it. It only takes a few seconds. Then if I need a tool or whatever out of the pack it's easy to just take the Camelback off without the protector. Straps go over the shoulders and there is a strap for the waist and one for the chest. All quick release.

I think with a little ingenuity, a camelback mule (or any other hydration system) could be modified to attach to a chest protector. I'm thinking of something like heavy-duty snaps that could be riveted to the plastic protector and then snap the camelback to it. That would be real convenient.

What several of us do is use the release zip ties (RZTs) that are on the bike, e.g. the ones that hold down the TPS wire to the frame, to attach the camelback to the chest protector. (Then of course, replace them with standard zip ties.) I use them by routing the RZTs through the holes on the front of my chest protector that is just below my armpits. Then, I wrap the RZT around the strap for my camelback and cinch it down. Now the chest proector carries the load of my backpack and it keeps the straps from digging into my armpit. Here's a picture of me with where you can see what it looks like (look near the Fox logo on my chest protector) :


Because I'm using RZTs, it goes on and comes off easily. But I'm still pondering a way to attach them so I only have to don one piece of equipment instead of two.

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One thing I recently noticed is that it is much better to have the system strapped close to your back so that the bladder doesn't swing from side to side. I had a 70oz. bladder attached to my chest protector, and it would tend to flop (the chest protector should have been tighter too). Now I have the 100oz. strapped directly to my back w/the protector over and it feels lighter than the old setup bcz. it doesn't move at all.

I also have both the Mule and Hawg with 100oz bladders. I can actually get two 100oz bladders in the Hawg (it gets REAL hot in the AZ desert).

I just wear it over my CP and cinch down the straps good because they do need to be held to your back pretty well if you have any weight in them. I also wear a Fox enduro fanny pack with all my tools etc. Man, I got straps going every which way. Everything seems to fit well together, though and I don't even notice the load or bulk when I'm riding. Getting all three pieces off and on takes a couple minutes, but no big deal.

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