hydration systems

Just a quick note:

Fairly recent information shows Camelback is a financial supporter of the Sierra Club. The same group trying like crazy to close all access to dirt bikes. I'm not sure we should support these guys with our money so they can pass it on to the Sierra Club fund.

Joel Gibson - Not to get on you or anything but with incomplete posts like yours this is how trouble starts. If you have recent substantiated info that Camelbak gives money to groups that close trails then you should post the details of how they are doing this. I for one would like to know.


It was mentioned in an article that I read a few months ago. I am racking my brain to remember where. I'll try to go back through some old periodicals and see if I can find it again.

I use a Camelback 70 oz, and I just strapped it to the back of my Acerbis chest protector. Instead of putting your arms throught the straps, run them over the back and down, and pull the straps tight. I can't even tell it is on. I am not sure how it will fit on the smaller protectors.


What ever you do I would stay away from the HRP Hydro-Bak(?).. This is a CP with blader built in,I found the belt system was great but quality of CP below par. If your a manly-man like me, then the CP fits about like a postage stamp on your chest, it just doesn't cover up the goods.. Might work well for a REAL small guy. They make great knee pads though! My .02


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