Riding Tower City Sunday!

Meet at the office, at 10!



My cylinder is :D STILL :) not back from WI.

It is now 5.5 weeks since it arrived in the machine shop. I was told the pistons are backordered from WISECO.

Bill, has your home e-mail changed (@suscom.net)?

>> I have sent a few e-mails to you recently.

I'm there. Can't wait to fire the beast up!

It would be nice to ride with some more TT people Sunday.

Bill, you have my member number, right ? :)

Dooohhhh!!!! Last Sundays DRN ride at Paragon was rained out and resheduled for This Sunday,,, I would love to meet some TT guys, Ill hook up with you some time up there, my coworker got a site up there and I think hes been there 2 or 3 times this year, LOL, but he said I could crash (no pun intended) up there. When is the next ride in TC?

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