Magura on a 2007WR

Hey guys, I am putting a Magura on my 2007 WR450F and I am trying to figure out to mount it to the engine bracket and clutch lever on the engine. So if anyone has a picute of how you did it, I would love to see it. It came with some washer, sleves and a long (longer than what I need) barrel. I have ordered a smaller barrel and the clutch safety switch from Magura but I would like to see a picture of how it's setup.



Mounts in the stock position. You do not need the shim washer. Use the sleeve if possible, better a tight fit in the holder than a loose one.


That doesn't look like an 07 WR540 engine...

On the 07 WR450 the clutch cable comes from the right side and behind the cylinder. This image looks like the hydraulic line is coming front the front and on the left side of the cylinder.

No, it is a 08 wr250, but other than the specific location, it mounts the same.

I only had this picture. But it is the order of assembly that is key.

How does the Magura feel??? Is it an easier pull?

I'm thinking of getting one...

How does the Magura feel??? Is it an easier pull?

I'm thinking of getting one...

was wondering the same

Not really easier, but it is consistent. No cable to get gunked up so it feels like new the same after many hours of use. To make the pull easier, you need to change the leverage by changeing actuation arms at the engine.

Also, as the bike heats up, often with a cable, the clutch will need a quick adjustment. No need for that with the Magura, it is self adjusting.

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