WR426 maintenance Q's

Ive got a hybrid YZ/WR that I am planning on road riding. Im worried about the maintenance. How often does the oil need changed? Also, there wont be any issues at higher speeds on it with oil flow will there? I also read some stuff about the TPS? Whats all that about?

Do a search and you will get more oil changing recommendations that you ever thought possible. The thing to keep in mind is these thumpers beat the crap out of oil. I change 02 426 every 500 miles if not sooner. Usually closer to 300 miles which some say is too soon but IMO there is no such thing as too soon.

You will want to disconnect the TPS when street riding or you may experience a surging feeling under constant throttle.

If there is one weakness the WR has it’s the 5th gear. They don’t hold up well to constant throttle on riding.

Well its actually a YZ frame and engine...just everything else is WR. I just hope its not gonna blow up on me becuase I'm road riding.

I've been riding my 426 on the road for over a year without any problems. I change the oil and check the valve clearances every 1000 km (600 miles). As far as the TPS is concerned, I did have some surging initially but since I adjusted it correctly I haven't had anymore problems.

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