Which spark plug

I went to buy a new spark plug for my wr400-99 & was shown 3 different types made by NGK.

The prices went from $12 to $21 Australian dollars.

The cheapest plug had 1 earth electrode. CR8E.

The next one had 2 earth electrodes. CR8EK.

The most expensive one had a center electrode made from RIDIUM.

Has anybody used these plugs?

Is one better than the other?

I use the CR8EK! So far it is better then the CR8E! More respondsive.

Haven't try the RIDIUM yet. But I'm wondering which is better, Ridium or Splitfire??

I use both the CR8EK and the CR7EK, I use the 7EK for racing. It's a little hotter than the 8EK, and burns the fuel more effeciently. The K is a good all around plug and resists fouling better than the CR7E and the CR8E.

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZE, what is your opinion on splitfire plugs?

John B, do not waste your money on Splitfire......

Luckily I didn't buy splitfire...

Since we are talking about spark plugs, I have a question. My brother has a DRZ400 which has a overheating problem especially when idling. If he ran a CR7E instead of CR8E would his bike run cooler. Correct me if I am wrong but the CR7E is a hotter plug which burns fuel more efficiently and should make your bike run cooler, correct.

I can always be proud that GA426OWNER has his mind reading abilities in tact. Now if he could only respond that fast when we call out HIS name from time to time :D

David is correct, I wouldn't waste my time with them.

Bonzai :)

No! The plug will retain more heat, and make the engine run hotter. True, it will burn fuel betterm but it can also melt (seen it before), and put a hole in the piston (in the extreme case).

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