New Header Pipe / IMS tank

I am looking at the header pipes on the Yamaha web site, and I can remember something about the new header pipes for the 99's that tuck out of the way may interfere with the petcock on the IMS tank. Any input will be appreciated. I'm just getting tired of loosening the stock one every time the oil is changed. Also, I am hoping I don't have to re-jet. Mine is still set up stock from the factory, Kouba installed(thanks NH Kevin)

2 1/4 turns out awesome power and snap. Thanks.

I have a 00 WR with a IMS 3.2 (?) gal tank and a Powerbomb header. Everything fits, no issue between the petcock and header. You do have to route the fuel line up and over to the carb. It is also a good idea to insulate the fuel line to protect it from the heat of the new higher/tucked in header pipe. I had issues with the engine missing after a 10-20 minutes shut off period. After cleaning the carb, checking all vents, cleaning the inside of the tank, etc. I insulated the fuel line and solved the problem.

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