wr450 Too heavy for track use?

I have a 08wr450. I ride desert, but I wanted to try out a local track (milestone) for the first time. Would it make any difference if I took out the battery to make the bike lighter? Is this ok to do? I also have desert valving. I was told, all I would have to do is tighten up my compression for the jumps. What do you think?

I rode my '07 at the Cal City MX track a few weeks ago. It wore me out. It's a little heavier than my 2000 YZ426 was. You should be all right. I would suggest not going BIG. Have fun.

I ride the track a lot with the WR, good training. Also it's cool to say my bike even has a headlight and I passed you!

Haha. A few weeks ago I heard through the grapevine that some guy was complaining about being passed at the track by a guy with a plate.... that was me on my full off-road and street legal WR450.:thumbsup:

It is a pig, though, so now I'm setting up a YZ250 hare scramble bike which should do a lot better on the track than the WR. Even though I was bottoming hard because the suspension isn't set up for me yet, it's still a much better jumper and has a much lighter feel than the WR in the air.

In any event, you'll be OK riding the WR at the track as long as you're only using it to hone your desert riding skills. The WR is certainly no MXer.

I got on fine on the moto x track, I was getting some good jumps etc , I was going past mx bikes as well .

I was well impressed with my bike for an all rounder :thumbsup:

Sure its big just go have fun they work great.

I don't think you could run your 08 without a battery. I had a battery go dead on my 07 on me and my bike wouldn't run properly. The timing was all out. It seem's the bike needs some power from the batt for the CDI :thumbsup:

This was running an ebatt with the charging system disconected so when the bat was dead, it was dead.

Anyone else experience similar issue's with 07-08's ?

yep... i do alot of track riding on my 07 WR450. hopped on my buddies 250f KTM and hated the bike being that light and gutless...lol.

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