XR650R Baja Designs Exhaust Tip Insert

Has anyone tried the HRC exhaust tip with the Baja Designs exhaust Baffle installed? If so, what are your thoughts- positive or negative?


Jay - I bought the tip and have never used it. It mounts with 2 screws (supplied) through the chrome tip of the HRC. I was going to street legal mine, but then decided to go dirt only. It is basically 4 smaller tubes inside welded together into one. The tip is chrome and kind of looks like a Big Gun tip. BD claimed very little or no performance loss with the tip when I bought it. If you are interested, I will sell you mine for $60. Let me know.

I'll take the BD tip for $60 if its still available.

I've tried the quiet tip for the Big gun system, and it makes the bike too slow for my taste, but would be interested in hearing how well the BD tip works.

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