fuel leak while running.

Alright this is gonn aseem like a stupid one for someone out there, but I had to ask. Here's the problem: intially when I would turn the fuel on to my 2001 yz426f if it didn't start right away, it would leak fual excessivly from one of the vent lines. It still ran fine. Now a week later it has a tendency to do the same while running, and occasionaly will stall coming off idle. I am assuming that I need to clean the carb out, and I have started to take it out, but the hot start will not come out of the carb. :thumbsup: I was told that it was just a plunger in there and that it should theorheticly just slide out. Am I totlly screwed here? An answer/ suggestion on any of these would be much appreciated. Thanks.

If the hot start plunger has never been greased it's possible that it's seized/galled in there. Have you gotten the nut on top of the plunger unscrewed? You have to back the cover off the nut otherwise it tries to turn the whole cable withe the nut which makes it want to cross thread. Good luck.

Your float needle valave is not sealing/closing. Could be just some debris or it could be worn. Pull the float bowl and check.

William is right on the mark I think. I would order a needle valve set before you rebuild/clean the carb. The rubber part could have become brittle and useless for sealing. A few bucks now, or a bunch of headaches later! On a carb that has a stuck hot start, it probably has not been apart in a while so could use some replaced parts. Soak the hot start down with penetrating oil and let it sit for a few hours then soak it again. Should slip out easy enough. The carb will definately need to be cleaned after that though.

Thanks for the help. I will definately try that.

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