Graphix Kit install Question

I bought a graphics kit for my 05' 450. My friend said they're a pain to install because of bubbling and not sticking. Anyone know of a place around Huntington Beach California that would install it for me.

I just did mine a couple weeks ago. It was my first attemt and it came out almost perfect. Just get some kind of sticker application spray that keeps it from sticking right away so you can slide the decal into place instead of having to get it on exact ($5). Just take your time and you can do it.

Here is mine:


If you are going to ride a bike you may as well figure it out. Paying someone to install your decals is like paying someone to wipe for you. you can do it.

Ok I feel like a puss now, I'll do it. Thanks guys.

just take some mild soapy water and spray it on the plastics then put your graphics in place and use a credit card or something to smooth out the bubbles. Trust me this is the best way I do it all the time when putting big stickers on my boat. Just make sure it dries really god before you go ride.

if you feel like taking a drive to covina on saturday ill do it for you.. bring the plastics and the graphics.. ill have um done in a hour or so..

Thanks Slinky but I'll give it a shot. It sounds easy enough.

yes - read that - windex and a heat gun, perfect every time.

Wow! Great Do-it-yourself artical. I can't wait to do it. You dudes rule.

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