flexx bars and Steering Stabilizer

Anyone installed both on there WR Or is this a overkill?

I put the flex bars on two weeks ago. I don't really know about them yet. They do work, but they have been a pain in the ass so far with a few oddities here and there. Do yourself and order them straight from fasstco if you get them. They have the most options. I haven't put on a damper yet, but that will happen soon. The wr's have a heavy stable feel at the hands, so it isn't as necessary as with the crf's or other bikes.

A Steering Stabilizer is best investment you can get for your bike. Dont listen to this focker hes a retard

Actually, that Valaris guy didn't really graduate from high school, and he is a convicted sex offender. He had a bike in my garage, but now it's in the backyard. I'm going to move it within 500 feet of a school so he legally can never go and get it.

I will use my 16 foot long painting extension to remove it away from the school! ha in your face! I can fit more garbage in a truck than anyone, EVER!


calm down guy's .

i don't think its over kill if its in your budget , you don't need ether but most people seem to want a 500$ steering stabilizer . some seem to forget the days when they didn't have them .

if you got the cash your not going to regret it . i wouldn't buy ether one personally . maybe a steering stabalizer if i could some how get a scott's or ohliins for cheap (not likely)

Hey, everyone look for Valaris415 and his truck full of garbage on Dateline "To catch a predator" this week.

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