Passenger Footpegs - 07 WR450

Looking for effective location to mount rear footpegs. Any idea's on which peg works best, and a way to mount them on an 07 WR450?

Never seen it done. Keep in mind the sub frame strength. It is not designed for the weight of two up.

It's just to take my girl on short rides around local roads, and she is quite light, so weight shouldn't be an issue. Thought maybe someone had done this, or knows of an option for pegs.

Thanks for the reply.

You might want to see if there is a way to mount the rear pegs from a Dual-Sport WR-250R.

why not just make a set of clamp on ones . or mod a set off of something . there are several bolts on the right side you could use , the left side will be the harder side .

I am in the same boat :-( ...

I have a 2007 WR450F and would like to put a rear set of pegs on for hauling my wife around in the hills (nothing too hard ... hopefully) ;-).

I have been digging through the Yamaha & Suzuki parts diagrams to try and find some possible options for rear brackets. My uncle has lots of experience doing this (as he was an excellent mechanic and owned a Yamaha dealership for 20 years) so I hope to involve him in the process. Our whole family spends lots of time riding in Montana, Colorado, Arizona and so on and he has 4 or 5 bikes where he has mounted rear pegs on them. Woman have been hauled into the moutains more times than I can count. He has never had trouble with the weight on the bike as long as the pegs are attached properly and securely without weakening the existing frame.

From his perspective ... trying to weld to the tempered aluminum is almost impossible if you want to retain the strength of it unless you are able to temper the welds. I talked to him about drilling a hole (or holes) into the subframe to mount the brackets and he thought that would probably be OK as long as the holes are 6mm or smaller. If I have to drill a hole in the subframe I would really only want to drill one hole so I need to figure out how to attach the lower bolt of the bracket to something like where the subframe bolts to the frame. Obviously the brackets will differ on each side as the length of the subframe differs.

Any insight into what you are thinking or have already done would be appreciated! I let you know what I end up doing when I figure it all out :)

I have pillion pegs on my 07 WR450. I bought a pair of unversal ones from my local off road supplier. They aren't anything special but if your pillion is light they work great. I wrap some old inner tube around the swing arm so the brackets don't scratch the swing arm. Heres the ones I bought for $28 (Aus):

here's another fix. I take a heavy duty solid rubber expansion plug, two appropriate sized heavy duty washers and one pair of drag specialties universal fit passenger pegs (the nice chrome ones). first find the relay arm bolt tunnel and remove the plastic plugs .next, use a bastard file and work the solid rubber of the expansion plug down till it fits snugly in the tunnel. (keep it round)now place one of the heavy duty washers on either end and insert a bolt thru both washers and into the foot peg (female threaded).it may be nessesary to bore out the hole in the expansion plug to fit a bolt the correct size for the foot peg. it's important to keep this bolt hole small enough so that the bolt will not turn in the rubber plug and also important to make sure that the bolt has enough travel to "expand " the solid rubber plug.. a few notes; mesure the swingarm tunnel DEPTH!!!!!! if you over insert the peg-plug assembly and really crank it tight who knows? also make sure the peg goes in far enough to get some support from the tunnel. last but not least DO NOT LOOSE THE RUBBER PLUG INTO THE TUNNEL DURING THE FITTING PROCESS. So to sum up ... peg attaches to plug, plug goes into hole,and the footpeg becomes the crank to expand the solid rubber plug so it wont come out. I've been using this for a while, and it onty takes 10 seconds per side to take them on or off. the peg placement is really close to the front pegs but the pegs themselves would be easy to modify for a rearward offset. floor boards anyone? my wife loves them so ... mabe this will work for you. cheers

Another issue will be the seat. She'll get the ol' Yamawedgie in no time on that thing unless you have something like a Guts seat. :thumbsup:

Thanks all for the ideas ... regarding the seat ... I already have an aftermarket tall soft seat. Wouldn't have it any other way ...

I have recieved several requests regarding the seat that I have ... I figured I would post the info I have about it.

The seat is a Guts Racing seat: Tall & Soft. When I ordered from them I asked them to comb through the soft seat foams and try and find the softest one of the bunch. They said they would do that ... no clue if they did or not but it is much better than the stock WR seat. I am very happy with it. Usually I also wear the padding riding underwear which adds even more cushion.

Hope that helps.

There is a guy who put pegs on his bike over on He used crotch rocket pegs, drilled into the subframe. It works, but it has room for improvement in design.

ya he uses them for stunting. everyone didnt know how much weight can be applied to the subframe. they didnt trust those pegs

I got some street pegs that just bolt on with a bracket around the subframe, but when i put weight on them, they just slid around the pipe, so i made a bracket that braced them. The bracket goes across and over the pipe, it works great and the pegs don't get in the way. if i want them off, i just take out the r-clip and yank out the pins. It's quite simple once you have the design. i used 1 1/4" flat bar. It's about 3/16 thick and is strong enough.

I am just starting the process of mounting my passenger pegs to my 07 WR450F. When I am finished I will post some pics. I do not expect to have it done or a month or so (if you can wait that long).

I plan on mounting the bottom bracket mount where the subframe and frame bolt together and the top of the bracket is just a tension clamp to the subframe.


did you make that bracket or can you buy it somewhere?

I am just starting the process of mounting my passenger pegs to my 07 WR450F. When I am finished I will post some pics. I do not expect to have it done or a month or so (if you can wait that long).

I plan on mounting the bottom bracket mount where the subframe and frame bolt together and the top of the bracket is just a tension clamp to the subframe.


That's really nice!! beautiful work! thumb on this!! :banghead: :banghead:

waiting for the pics.

I have been putting it off for a while but it is finally done! Nothing motivates like running out of time :worthy:. I am leaving in 3 days to go on a riding trip to CO and my wife is coming so I had to get it done.

The rear passenger pegs are off of a 2008/09 R6. The pegs that originally came with the brackets would have been sufficient for road riding but I wanted something with a little more grip.

These brackets were made for a CRX but they basically just bolted right onto my bike. I had to grind down the weld a little on the right side where the exhaust mounts to the frame ... but not a big deal. I was surprised how little work was required.

Thanks to TT member hm450 who I got the brackets/pegs from.










I got them from TT member hm450.

I am working on getting my Guts "Comfort" seat put together ... I will post some pics when done. Since I already have a Guts stock height soft density foam I will try to do a little comparison in case others are interested.

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