Any one Riding Today "Calgary area"

Let me know

Hi Ernie,I have no plan to go riding just yet, but will keep u posted .

The weather was good for it today but the trails still have snow and if not snow a lot of mud. I meet up with afew other riders and made the best of the day.

To tell you the truth it was good practice ridding in the rutty,muddy trails it gave me a chance to get the feel of my WR.

Not all the the day was a loss a somewhat large gravel pit made for some jumps and hill.

I will be away next weekend but mabye the week after

Hey Ernie:

Where did you go today? Gravel pit by Airdrie? Had some freinds go out there today. Actually im trying to sell the WR, and buy a KTM 400. The WR just wears me out to much in the tight single track. Maybe its and age thing? Catch ya later John

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