Fuel leaking from Carb

Hey Gang, the other day I was doing some serious work on my YZ 450 , not touching the carb though... anyways after i was finished i fired it up. starts up good, but fuel was pouring out of the overflow hose, so i shut off the bike.. i then start to drain fuel out of the float bowl, about a litre or so ( didnt have any other gas at home to clean my air filter) ok, so thats all done, i then re-start the bike, and nothing, everything is fine... i started it yesterday and its sill fine..... can someone help me as too what this was and if this should be addressed further. thanks for your help.

A speck of dirt got caught in the float needle valve and subsquently fell out. I would do nothing more than remove the cap on the bottom of the carb and remove any dirt there.

A speck of debris on the float needle/seat. It's gone. Don't worry about it unless it does it again.

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