Exhaust modification for WR400

Hi guys,

I was thoroughly looking for standard exaust for European models modification, but gave up and would like to get your recomendations and some experience sharing, please.

The exaust looks quite silly looks unmodable, but mey be it is:


Is there any way to mod it? Any personal experience or guidlines where to find any information on this type of exaust moding would be great. Thanks!

Cut it up about around the small pipe, pull the small pipe out and replace it with a bigger pipe and weld it on.

I dont know about the 400 but my 426 run lots cooler and feels much stronger on lower rpm's when I opened the exhaust up.

I took mine off and found a used stock 03 yz exhaust for mine and i love it. Its much lighter, all titanium and sounds good to me. Mine is a canadian 2000 WR 400 and the can looks alot like the one off yours. Just an option!!!

If you're going to modify that exhaust, I would use a hole saw (the type to cut through metal doors) and cut around the inner pipe at a larger diameter, then either make or buy an insert that has a larger diameter - line up where you have to drill your mounting holes, drill a small pilot screw and tap it to the right size/thread for the bots you're using.


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