YZ426 '00 bodyparts on a '98 WR400?

I am rebuilding and updating an old '98 WR400 for a friend. While I am doing the engine, he is thinking of the rest of the bike. Can he fit the tank, seat and radiator shrouds from an YZ426?

yes yes and yes

Shroud bottom holes don't line up with the WR radiators. You'll need WR shrouds or use zip-ties to secure them

Thanks for your quick replies! I'll send the owner out shopping for '00 YZ plastic parts. Meanwhile, I have just detected the standard early WR carb problems, ie broken throttle valve, corroded accelerator pump and dead TPS. Perhaps I should go shopping for a newer carb or an Edelbrock...? We'll see.

The holes still line up, they're just at an angle for some of the years - use large washers - works for mine.



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