Yamaha street legal WR?


I was wondering if any of you know if Yamaha plans to make future WR's street legal in California like KTM does with the 450EXC?



See the 2008 WR250X Supermoto and WR250R Dual Sport. Both are street legal and fuel injected. Nice bikes, I had one on order since August 07 and declined to take delivery shortly after I lost a friend on a street bike. Well I at least test drove it and then bought another WR450....

Proly by 2010 they will have the same in the 450's Only time will tell.

I still plan on plating my 05 this summer.............

Lots of threads on the Dual Sport and Supermotard sections.

I just saw both versions this past weekend at a local dealer. The super-moto version is sick! The frame is blacked out and it's a completely different bike visually than the WR 250 we're used to seeing. I can't wait until they put out a 450...

The 450 will ROCK!!!!! fuel injected, black frame.....can't wait!

right now you have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a street legal one from showroom. i flagged a guy down the other day when i saw him ride by on a 07 450 and he told me they just gave him a plate instead of the green sticker... the bike didn't even have turn signals or a plate mount but he got one. also a few months back i was talking to a guy that also had one that the dealer sent him a plate.

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