RHC carb mod

I was debating on zipty modding my 08 YZ450, but after talking to RHC who Ive used previously, he told me the carbs on the yamis are smaller in comparison to the new crfs. Claims that it increases the mid and much on the over rev which my 08 seemed to be lacking. He bored my carb and put in a 188 main jet.

With no other mods besides the akro exhaust which I already had on the bike, there is a definite increase in low to mid range power and tons and tons more over rev. It doesnt sign off anymore will keep making HP into the high revs. I have a jump that is 120 ft, 2nd gear pinned right out of a corner. Before I was barely clearing it, now I can over jump it with ease. Throttle response is off the chart as well. Thanks again Ron.


Ron is good. He does my heads for me.

How much is the carb mod and what's the turn around time?

I would like to know the cost of the head work and the carb mod as well as turn around time... Red Head, do you have a contact # for Ron?


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