YZF Bog Issues

has anybody had any experience with Merge Racing's accel pump spring? my buddy's got an 07' yzf 450 and has some major bog issues. weve tried every little related jetting change. Quickshot 2 made the problem worse so we're back to the stock cover. Merge Racing's spring looks like a cheap investment. Also, Ready Racing's pump linkage looks like an option. Any product reviews/suggestions?

I have no idea if you already tried to re-jet your bike. if not try that first.. get yourself a fuel screw why your at it.. or you can save your money and send it to zip-ty in hesperia.. best 100 bucks you can spend on your bike..

A cheaper method is to do the O-Ring mod, confirm the timing screw is first set by the book, then, mess with leak jets.

i noticed there is the o-ring method for FCR-MX and taffy mod for regular FCR. whats the difference between the two carbs? also, all the o-ring does is keep the linkage against the screw tighter cuz the spring isnt enough force to react fast enough?

on my 07 i wire tied the linkage because the spring wasn't fast enough. I also had the jets changed. I don't remember the numbers, but i'm sure someone can help you. dont get the RR product. you can save 100 bucks by using an o ring or wire tie. Anyway, the deadly hesitation/bog that my bike suffered is long gone.

The taffy mod is for the old carb only.

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