jetting ?

I installed the ais kit on my 08 wr450,and noticed that it bogged,was hard to start and was very rich with the jetting that came in the kit. I just bought a JD jet kit and was wondering if I should change the starter jet from stock or leave it alone.What about the leak jet, which one do I use? I ride at 0-4000 feet, 65-95 degrees, all free mods done,uni filter,Drd full exhaust. I would like to set it and forget it because this bike is such a pain in the ass to rejet. I did do a search but got different results each time. Thanks

I used the Main Air Jet# 110 and the Leak Jet that came with the GYTR AIS removal kit. I used the 48 pilot and the 168 main with the red needle on the 4th clip that came with the JDJetting kit. My bike has no bog and I ride anywhere from the desert to LPNF with no issues.:thumbsup:

I used the jets that cam with the GYTR removal kit and supplemented with the JD kit, needle, pilot and main. This was right on the money. This is the best jetted WR that I have owned.

I just rejetted my bike. IT FRIGGEN RIPS! When I snap the throttle as fast as I can it has a slight bog at idle. It starts after 3-4 revolutions cold hot. I have not adjusted the fuel screw yet. It is set at 1 3/4 out. heres what I installed= jd red 4th from top with 168 main ,48 pilot ,45leak jet and the large o-ring over the AP screw. I left the starter jet (68) stock. Thanks for the help.

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