gearbox question

hey all.

just a short question about the gearboxes on the WR450's, this is the 3rd time ive rebuilt it so ud think i would of remembered this by now haha.

does the gearbox need to have some what of a decent load on it to select all the gears being they have a fair bit of back lash, cos i can sit there and spin the primary shaft and select only up to 3rd, it just wont find 4th/5th but from what i can see it looks as though it has to spin over about 2-3 times before the dogs line up properly so it can select 4th/5th, i just need to know before i go bolting it all back up and finding out it wont select haha.

Thanks everyone.



umm i dont think i can explain it any better than i already did ?.

does everyone else get what im on about ??.

On almost any dog type gear box, you cannot snick thru all the gears without the shafts turning or being turned. Perfectly normal

yeah thats the thing i am spinning the shafts its just that the shafts have to spin over 2-3 times before the dogs line up for 4th and 5th to engage. i was just wondering if thats normal or if i've put a gear on wrong or something.

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