Cleaning my bike

I apologize if this topic is old but I couldn't find much when I searched. Is there a cleaner out there that works well other than Simple Green? I used a Castrol degreaser today and my bike came out real clean. The only problem is I then read the warnings and they say not to use it on motorcycles? You can use it on a car engine by not on a motorcycle? Not sure if I screwed up or not. It made my tires look like new... Please provide opinions or suggestions. Thanks

Have you had problems with Simple Green ?

I have not tried Simple Green. I would have purchased that if I would have known before hand...

Simple Green is gentle and effective.Castrol is too caustic I've had it remove the finish from anodized surfaces,not good.Simple Green followed by garden hose,use pressure washer sparingly.I normally follow up with a gentle car wash soap,then again I am seriously anal!!But I will tell you the pretty chicks dig it!!

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Simple Solution - use the Castrol degreaser on your car engine, and buy some simple green concentrate, and a spray bottle...

Simply the best, no worry about getting streaks on your metal etc... and it works on airfilters etc withouyt affecting the foam fabric like a hydrocarbon degreaser would...

Plus your bike smells nicer... and the chicks dig a nicely scented bike :):D you could almost wash yourself in it as well if you don't smell too good... LOL just keep it out of your eyes...



I used the castrol cleaner yesterday on my bike, because I ran out of simple green, and it worked great. But everybody is saying not to use it. What is in it that is so bad?

Westly's Clear Magic :)

Regular engine cleaner will eat into the pours in the metal and remove the finish on the aluminum. It will leave grey whitish tint to the aluminium, I have even seen some products leave blackining on the metal, it's because of the acidity, usually not noticable on cast blocks and painted engine surfaces.

Simple Green on the other hand is not corrosive, I buy it by the gallon and then mix it 50/50 in my 3 gallon pump sprayer. I also coat my engine with auto detailer spray which makes the aluminum shine like it just rolled off the showroom floor, it also inhibits rust.

Bonzai :)

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So now that I have already made the mistake... is there anything I should do? I did notice my shocks had a grayish clound/streak on them. Also, where do you buy the auto detailer spray? I hope I didn't screw something up.

i use castrol superclean. It says not to use with aluminum but i still do. But not for long. Just long enought to spray and scrub then rince.

But i should start using simple green again but i just like cheap

But my bike engine looks fine

Anyone else besides me using Puple Power? I here it will take the finish off of aluminum but I have had no problems at all - been using it for a year now. It breaks down grease very well. :)

Use JOBMASTER multi purpose cleaner from COSTCO about $5.00 a gallon and works better than simple green. Smells better too.

There is something called S100 Total Cycle Cleaner that does a great job for me. The bike looks like new every time. It is expensive though and the only place I've seen it is at the local Yamaha dealer. Give it a REALLY WORKS!!

I use Simple Green pads/the small towel things. They work good for a dusty ride but no mud. It is a simple no water way to touch up my bike

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