Race Gas Question?

Does anyone run high octane race gas in these bikes? Like C12 or similar. I've smelled some bikes that might be running it, and I was wondering if there's any advantages/disadvantages.

Thanks for any input.

I have been running VP Ultimate4. I've run through 20 gallons and have been very pleased with the performance boost. You will notice the difference right away. Better, crisper throttle right off the bottom, with more power all the way through. VP Ultimate 4 is 96 octance, dont get confused with more octane equals more power.

i ran my WR on 96ron fuel and it ate plugs at an amazing rate. mine is much happier on standard 91ron fuel, also Yamaha strongly advise against their customers using "premium unleaded" in their WRs and YZs, so much so that questions were raised about warranty validty if you ignore their advise!



MrTwister, where did you here this because I have heard it before. On the Front Fender of my bike it said 95 octane or higher, also in the service manual. I have always used 93. I would like to know for sure.

MrTwister, my bike came with a sticker on the tank that said "premium unleaded only", i only use Mobil 8000 and it sometimes it used to foul plugs, untill i started using the N.O.S octane boost, it certanly made the bike much smoother.

This came from Mark Flynn, who is the owner of Coast Yamaha in South Australia, i have actually sighted the memo from Yamaha Australia that was sent to dealers about 6 months ago. also in the manual that i have (section 1 page 12) it says recomended fuel (except Aust.) Ron 95 or higher. For Aus UNleaded fuel only. it also says if unleaded is unavailable then leaded can be used(EEEEK! not in my f*ckin bike you dont!). This is from the manual for the 98, so may be different for the newer ones, but the memo was for all models of WR 4--.



MrTwister, are the Austrailian versions running a lower that 12:1 compression ratio? The manual for my U.S. '02 also says 95 octane or higher. Running lower tend to make the engine run hot.

Lead = happy valve & seat, + it's better than other thing's used to raise octane.

Not so good if you drink it.

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